The Scene

A girl moving to a new country, peeping out from the car window, looking up at her apartment, wondering and hesitating. The last glance, the confused face when only people bet on their future and cannot predict what is going to happen ahead, the feeling of leaving a place you have loved so much. Thousands miles away from home alone, living in a strange land where suppose to be never fitting in. Then bits by bits she gets to know this place, the people here, and starts to like the environment around.

She felt herself like a baby, reaching out, her small hands flew open, her fingers waving, splayed like starfish. Music, motes of light: she was reaching for the notes as well. But no matter how she tried, she could not catch them.

She walked on, down the city streets, past people emerging from restaurants and theaters. She walked quickly, oblivious to the traffic. The air crisp and chilly. She did not even think about where she was going, though she knew. Moments came back to her, in swirls and glimpses, strange disconnected details.

You will be good. She said to herself. You will be good.


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