Small Talk

MTR. 10:47am.

A grandma was walking with four jumping hopping bouncing grandchildren.

She wore a plump red soft wool knit decorated with pearly coloured beads and sequin. Trying hard to keep pace with her grandchildren, she bent her back and said,

“Hold my hand, dear. Don’t run,”

“Soon you will be holding my hand, when I am too old to walk.”

One of the grandchildren looked up, blinking his topaz brown eyes,

“We all will hold your hands in ours,”

Grandma was delighted, “All four of you? Ha, you gonna hold me up?” The kid giggled when she pretended to hold him up with her both hands.

It was so sweet to hear this kind of small talk, which may be too small that we sometimes forget.

It’s the first day. It’s the new year day.

Remember the feeling when you wrote your first word on a new notebook? Remember the first lesson when you took up a new language, when you first started a new task? Remember the moment when you first met your loved one?

Whenever you feel weary and don’t know where it is going, think about the first day and remember the small things in life.

The smallest matters most.


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