Rooftop concert

It was before my time, and perhaps before your time.

I found this clip when I was playing around my bro’s iPhone. The Beatles Rooftop Concert. Fascinating, awesome, stunning as always. The group staged an unannounced concert on the top of Apple headquarters that surprised Londoners as the music blasted out from the roof. People came up on their own rooftop, called up friends and gathered around to see their performance. Funny to see Paul singing “Get back” when the po-po arrived to stop the unannounced concert but to no avail. “Get back, get back to where you once belonged.”

I grew up with Beatles music, because my bro was a big fan. We used to listen to Beatles on tapes, as it was too expensive to buy the real album. My bro would draw the album cover with the Beatles animated figures. He drew very well, I should say. Then we grew up, we could afford to have the CDs and the VCDs and now we have youtube on iPhone.

Technology advances but the music remains. Tres cool.


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