Microsoft: Please do not wash.

OK, I know, this post is late, just read it after coming back. If you have been following Engadget, you probably knew the story already. Someone sent in an autographed Xbox 360 console for repairs and has it returned maddeningly clean (maybe even with that *bling* when he opened it.) Before he passed out, he blogged.

Then, something came in this week (from Engadget):

B Gate signed XBox

An Xbox 360 with autographs from the 360 team and even Bill Gates! Well, we should not only focused on compensation, if there were no mistake in the first place, no compensation would be needed. But at least it shows they care. Sometimes I feel like filing a complaint to the customer service seems like dropping it straight to the ash bin. As the tragic gamer puts it:

The only thing I have specifically asked of Microsoft and the Xbox 360 team for is this particular case to be examined so that some change(s), whether small or broad, can be made to the service process to prevent the occurrence of any similar scenario. This remains my only request. I’m not asking for details, but if my story is leading to changes that should benefit current and future Xbox 360 owners, I would really like to know.


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