What is a journey?

A journey is not a trip.

It is not a vacation.

It’s a process. A discovery.

It’s a process of self-discovery.

A journey brings us face to face with ourselves.

A journey shows us not only the world,

But how we fit in it.

Does the person create the journey?

Or does the journey create the person?

The journey is life itself.

So where will life take you?

Sound familiar? It is an excerpt from the first ever TVC by Louis Vuitton in celebration of its 152nd anniversary. The ad emphasizes on the “core value and seasonal fashion statements” of the French luxury fashion and leather goods company. Certainly, you can find the silhouettes of LV travel cases in the video. It is a TVC, you don’t expect LV spending a fortune just to tell you about the meaning of journey, do you?

This makes me think of the recent Chanel Mobile Art with Zaha Hadid at the deceased Star Ferry Pier in Central. One day when I was sitting in a meeting room in AIG Tower, I pointed out to a lady the blanche doom shaped structure down there. But before I could say that I would be going there later this month, a word was dropped in the air. “Well,” she said, “I don’t understand why Chanel is doing anything with arts.”

I am sure this is when Karl Lagerfeld in his slim-cut Dior Homme suit will move his chin up, lips moving a bit, wanna say something but then moves away without bothering much.

Anyway, I am looking forward to checking out the Chanel Pavilion this week and indulged myself in Hadid’s installations. I will remember to ask for an English exhibition guide headset as I heard that the Chinese version sucks. Yah!


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