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Seems like I haven’t updated my blog for ages. I am busy with the crisis management for a client while China is having her own Olympic crisis management as well over torch relay. Well, I guess it has already set the stage for a real battle rather than just a crisis.

You can see a rising tide of nationalism after pro-Tibet groups staging protests during the Olympic torch relay. In the past week, a number of discussion forum in the mainland have gathered momentum to boycott French retail giant Carrefour which was said to have sponsored Dalai Lama. Not to mention the Foreign Ministry spokesman officially demanding CNN for an apology after Jack Cafferty described the Chinese as “goons” and their products were “junks”. Some netizens even composed a song to condemn CNN and call for a boycott of CNN for their biased coverage on Tibet issue. Some even portrait the recent Olympic protests as the Eight-Nation Alliance invading China in Qing Dynasty.

With a double-digit economic growth and being the focal point of the whole world, it is not difficult to explain the phenomenon. Suspicion of the West has strongly influenced China history in the 20th century, even nowadays.

But I was surprised to see that the Chinese government in fact endorses this kind of boycott action. The Foreign Ministry spokesman said “there were good reasons the Chinese were angry”, which further fan the anger among the general public in China. Anyway, I don’t think the Chinese government would like to return to a closed door mindset among the general public which will spoil all the efforts on reform and open door policy in the last 30 years and hamper China to continue to shine in the global stage. The closed door policy during Qing Dynasty under Qian Long has already resulted in the Chinese people missing a golden opportunity to integrate themselves into the global economy.


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