See trends in Twitter

Michael Arrington got an interesting post on TechCrunch. I just tried out the tool and it’s amazing. Not only you can see a graph showing the popularity of the words over time, you can actually read the recent Twitter messages with those words. That means if you are a marketing or PR person, you can use this to get a sense of the market perception or common attitude towards certain topics. One thing that the site needs further improvement is that it cannot respond accurately when you are searching for Chinese words. That means when I type in words like “Tibet” or “Olympics” in Chinese, it cannot come back with a correct chart. But still you can see the recent conversation on Twitter around this topic.

Check this out:


2 thoughts on “See trends in Twitter

  1. Hi Cynthia, Flaptor here. Thanks for the mention! We are doing our best to fix these kinds of problems. Could you please post an example and what you expect as a result? None of us speaks chinese so we can’t test it. Thanks!

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