Torch relay in Hong Kong

Torch Relay - HK Leg - DragonboatTorch Relay - HK Leg - Equestrian

Sea of red. No disruption. You know what I mean when you read the IHT article and its pic. I was lucky to have a chance to take part in the torch relay, witnessing the torch relay leg on the dragon boat as well as throughout the racecourse. (Although I don’t know why they have to run around the racecourse where you cannot theoretically see them without the help of TV screen. Maybe or else they cannot think of enough miles to fit all 120 torchbearers.)

Tomorrow will be Macau leg. I heard some reporters asking tycoon Stanley Ho whether he will sleep early for the relay tomorrow (he is one of the torchbearers). Let’s see how it goes.


The way Leung Chun Ying running the torch relay looks familiar to me. I remember I saw something similar in Osaka.

Gilco Running Man

The famous Glico icon in Osaka


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