A year of celebration

This year is full of historic dates for China, just a quick look and you will be amazed:

  • January – 30th anniversary of the start of economic reforms launched by Deng Xiaoping and 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the PRC and the United States.
  • February – 20th anniversary since the demise of the late Panchen Lama
  • March – 50th anniversary of the Tibet uprising that led to the exile of Dalai Lama ever since
  • April – 20th anniversary of the death of Party Secretary Hu Yaobang
  • May – 90th anniversary of May 4th movement
  • June – 20th anniversary of the suppression of the student demonstration in Tiananmen Square
  • October – 60th anniversary of foundation of the People’s Republic of China

What do all these anniversaries translate to? Frosted with the current threat of slowing economic growth, factory closures and the rising unemployment rate, it would definitely mean an unusually testing year to the Government to maintain social order.

The Government will tend to be more cautious with an increase in internal military operations, an increase in overall security concerns, and a continuation of the current difficulties for foreigners in obtaining visas. Expect more complaints by journalists and netizens on the Giant Fire Wall (Feel blessed if you can still read this post now!) and difficulties to find information they need while the Government has to keep a lid of potentially explosive events with these anniversaries.


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