An odyssey that melts Hong Kong hearts

Photo from Agence France Presse

Photo from Agence France Presse

It has been quite some time after the Obama’s victory that you see the same phenomenon again – all televisions and newspapers are reporting about the same thing. A lost 10-meter humpback whale.

While the poor adult whale is struggling its way out of the muddy waters to rejoin its friends, a number of curious people were falling head over heels going to the sea for a closer look at the creature. It’s like what you experience in the Lunar New Year flower market – while you are trying to dash out, people keep flooding in and block your way.

It reminds me that earlier this month, 194 pilot whales and seven dolphins became stranded on a sandbar in Tasmania and only 54 whales and five dolphins were able to be saved. Today more than 80 long-finned pilot whales became stranded in Hamelin Bay, 300 kilometres south of Perth. Is it just a coincidence? Or a warning of our deteriorating natural environment?

In old times, the Romans reasoned that the whales had some-how offended Neptune and the mass stranding was his punishment. Although the phenomenon and the causes will remain the subject of scientific debate, at least it reminds us to care about the mother nature and the environment.

If you do care about the wandering whale, put down the telescope and start reducing your carbon footprints now.


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