While the Hong Kong Government is encouraging people to BYOB (bring your own bag), the Shanghai Government is busy working against PDOP.

With just 300 days to go to the Shanghai 2010 Expo, the neighbourhood committee in the city’s north-east is making public announcements in local communities to discourage residents’ longstanding habit of public displays of pyjamas (PDOP), an effort before the Expo to make Shanghai look more civilized.

The reason of their daytime love with the nightwear can date back to the China’s economic reforms over the past 30 years. It is an understatement of prosperity and economic status, which means you are rich enough to buy clothes for sleeping, but not just wearing some shabby old clothes to bed.

La Perla AW2009 CollectionSo despite how much you spend for your lovely sleepwear at Agent Provocateur or La Perla, it seems that the trends are “PDOPs should be out”, at least for 2010. (Although I don’t think your neighbour would mind much if it is something as nice as this from La Perla…)


2 thoughts on “BYOB and PDOP

  1. Great post Cyn

    My recommendations for our rebellious compatriot-artists who feel obliged to broadcast their dissenting political voices:

    – Show your support of our glorious vatherland’s hosting of the SH expo by erecting in public places series of street sculptures featuring – you got it – PJs

    As for our inventive cros-copying entrepreneurs:

    – Reusable shopping bags made with recycled Pjs – with optional brown or wet spot patterns (see you can shoot 2 birds with 1 stone)
    – PJ style T-shirt with matching track pants, featuring a chest slogan “I can show you mine but you should show me yours first” or “I smell that too but it wasn’t me”

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