Where’s the mic?

Gordon Brown 'bigoted woman' comment caught on tape

Gordon Brown: "I do apologise if I've said anything that has been hurtful."

The Prime Minister may be well trained of what he has to say in front of the microphone, but maybe he should be more mindful of what he did behind it.

Gordon Brown was caught on a microphone some private comments he made after meeting with a voter whom he had described as “a bigoted woman”. [Please read BBC News for details]

Lessons here from the PM for company spokespersons:

a)    Beware of what not to say whilst wearing a mic, even if you are off camera and even rushing onto a car

b)   Discuss with your PR people and producers the interview rundown before it goes live

c)   Know when to stop talking. A right move of apologizing in person may gone sour if you talk more than you should. You have to look sorry when you say sorry, but not adding salt on your own wound by mentioning something not appropriate, like criticising the media for broadcasting his private discussion.

I guess other potential election candidates Nick Clegg and David Cameron will be on high alert now as the media are likely to find faults in them as well.


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