Create your own “Touching Stories”

Was doing research for an upcoming presentation when I came across this innovative iPad PR campaign.

Touching Stories is an iPad app developed by Santa Monica-based production company Tool of North America. It includes a series of four interactive live action films that uses the capabilities of the iPad. Viewers can touch, move, shake or turn the screen to control the outcome of each story. They may even poke any annoying characters that appears on the screen.

In some way, you can see Touching Stories as a hybrid video game, but what is significant is, it make use of the interactivity of the iPad to expand the ways a film director tell a story, also it showcases the possibility iPad brings to other consumer experiences.

The apps is unconventional, but its PR campaign is even more than that. Trust, the PR agency of Tool, developed a website called which show a collage of 500 leading advertising influencers and their social media footprints on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote the “Touching Stories” iPad films during the Cannes Lions.

During the festival, the PR team tracked down the pre-selected winners in Cannes and surprised them with a free iPad preloaded with the app. The whole process was captured in video and still and posted on the campaign site. The app received major buzz at Cannes and raised the question among the industry of what implications it bears for storytelling and entertainment.

Watch the video on Contagious to know more.


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